Brandon Lunty

UCP Candidate for Leduc-Beaumont

Acting for Albertans

Brandon is a born and raised Albertan with a strong sense of community pride and spirit. While Brandon has been fortunate to live in several regions of this great province, he has been proud to call Leduc home with his wife, Chantelle, for the past several years. Living in Leduc has allowed Brandon to meet and talk with the community members, small business owners, and young families that make the Leduc-Beaumont riding so vibrant and strong.

Brandon’s career has been focused on a commitment to public service and promoting Alberta’s interests. He has helped to develop a strong and vibrant labour force, provide crucial affordable housing for seniors and ensure that Alberta students are supported in the classroom environment.

Brandon believes that the Leduc-Beaumont riding needs an effective conservative voice to fight against inflation-inducing policies and federal intrusion into provincial jurisdiction, making it harder for families and businesses in the riding.

Brandon knows that a UCP government will continue to provide the best economic and business climate to ensure that the riding and the province can reach their full potential.

Brandon Lunty is Acting for Albertans

Danielle Smith and the United Conservatives will put Alberta first. 

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Alberta Healthcare

No Albertan will ever pay out-of-pocket to see a doctor!

Together, let’s continue: hiring 3,600 more doctors, nurses, & health workers, reducing surgical wait times, and improving ambulance response.

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Welcome to my new website!

As I work to earn the trust and support of our local community to serve as your MLA, you can stay connected with me here on my website and also stay up to date with me on my social media pages.

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Leduc-Beaumont Riding Map

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Brandon Lunty and our United Conservative Team have a plan to help with the cost-of-living, increase jobs, strengthen the economy, improve health care, and stand up for Alberta’s interests

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Help Brandon Lunty Stand up for Alberta!



Help Brandon Lunty Stand up for Alberta!