About Brandon

Brandon was born and raised in Alberta, helping his family every fall with the harvest and developing a strong sense of community pride and spirit.

While Brandon has been fortunate to live in several regions of this great province, he has been proud to call Leduc home along with his wife Chantelle for the past several years. Living in Leduc has provided Brandon the chance to meet and talk with the community leaders, small business owners and young families that make the Leduc-Beaumont riding so vibrant and strong.

Brandon’s career has been focused on a commitment to public service and promoting Alberta’s interests. He has helped to develop a strong and vibrant labour force, provide crucial affordable housing for Seniors and ensure that Alberta students are able to learn in the classroom environment.

Brandon believes that the Leduc-Beaumont riding needs a strong conservative voice to fight against inflation inducing policies, promote economic prosperity and stand-up to federal intrusion into provincial jurisdiction.    

Top Priorities

Cost of Living

When the news reports that the cost of eggs is higher than a Starbucks coffee you know that inflation is hurting families as our most basic costs are skyrocketing. I have heard story after story of families stretching already thin budgets. I will fight policies that make it more expensive to live. A 300% increase to the carbon tax would increase the cost of everything. We need to implement policies that ensure it is affordable and attractive to live and work here in Alberta.

Economic Prosperity

Leduc and Beaumont are full of small businesses and entrepreneurs making the most of the Alberta advantage. We need to continue to support a regulatory climate that is beneficial for small businesses to grow and flourish. The last few years have been difficult for business owners and we need to ensure that the foreseeable future is clear of government interference. This includes no increased taxes, increased regulations, and no more lockdowns.

Alberta’s Relationship with Ottawa

It couldn’t be more obvious that Ottawa does not have the best interests of Alberta in mind. Announcing that our oil and gas sector should just transition into something else is beyond ridiculous. We need to stand against Ottawa’s constant interference into our jurisdiction.


  • As your MLA Brandon would be a strong conservative voice and promote individual freedom.
  • No more business crippling lockdowns.
  • Lifelong commitment to public service.
  • History of standing up to the federal government to promote Alberta priorities.
  • Strong advocate in the local community.

More about Brandon

  • Grew up in the small town of Forestburg, Alberta.
  • Graduated with a degree in Political Science from the University of Alberta.
  • Helped build strong conservative Constituency Associations across the province.
  • Ran as the Wildrose Candidate in Calgary South-East in the 2015 provincial election.
  • Government career includes expertise on labour force development, student financial assistance, affordable housing and intergovernmental relations.
  • Believes in a strong community presence, having led United Way campaigns and volunteered with Habitat for Humanity.